Civic Responsibility in the Classroom: Senator Frum Visits

Civic Responsibility in the Classroom: Senator Frum Visits

High School

Senator Linda Frum

We try our very best to encourage our students to become more responsible young adolescents and contribute meaningfully to society. For instance, our students volunteered with the Waves of Hope organization and made a large donation to St. Joseph the Compassionate Mission this year. In this way, we firmly believe that acknowledging civic responsibility and participating within that space is an important component of a student’s education.

That being said,  we were very happy to have Senator Linda Frum visit our school last week. She was appointed to the Senate in 2009 and currently sits on multiple government committees, but made time in her schedule to visit us at The Study Academy on Thursday morning. During her visit, she discussed with our High School students what the Senate and its Senators do, and the value both have to our current Canadian democracy.  She stressed to our students that our Senate assists in forming the laws we live by and as such, it is the Senator’s job to work out relevant issues like literacy, poverty, and environment in forming these laws.

As we venture into a new generation, we will need new members of society to stand for new and growing causes that senators like Senator Frum currently fight for. Senator Frum encouraged our students to become more active in politics to help shape a better tomorrow in Canada.While highly informative, we also found Senator Frum’s visit a great way to motivate our students to assist in this mission and to be the very best citizens they can be.