Keeping Their Brain Active with Brain Camp

Keeping Their Brain Active with Brain Camp

Middle School

Hello Readers,

I hope you all are enjoying the nice weather this past week, and had fun in the sun during the long weekend too! I guess this also means that the school session is quickly coming to an end, however, this doesn’t mean that your child has to sit around the twiddle their thumbs this summer- at-least not at The Study Academy!

Fun scientific experiments

Every year, for the past three summers, The Study Academy has set up an early summer  day camp for middle school students. The camp runs for two weeks, right after the completion of the regular school year and is an ideal opportunity to invigorate the mind, challenge oneself and have fun outdoors! It is called Brain Camp!

The idea for this  camp actually arose from a conversation between Bryan Levy- Young, the head of Pastoral care, and Jason Krell, the Principal.  They were having a discussion regarding the detriment of having such a prolonged summer has on student cognitive development. The idea behind Brain Camp was to do two things. Firstly, it was to break the assumption that learning occurs only when a child is immersed reading textbooks or listening to lectures. Secondly, it was also to provide a summer tune-up for the brain. Essentially Brain Camp originated as a way for students to keep mentally active during a few weeks of the summer and show them, all the while, that learning can be fun!

This year, Meaghan Patrick  will be running the camp and has quite a few exciting things in store for the children. The day is split into two parts. In the morning students will be engaging academic subjects. In the past, morning have usually been spent at The Study Academy location mastering recipes with math, or conducting scientific experiments in the classroom.

Afterwards, in the afternoon, the children get to have some fresh air, go outside to play sports and develop their team work and leadership skills. Children will work in teams for scavenger hunts, participate in delightful improv games, run around playing Ultimate frisbee and go off on exciting field trips! Some ideas for field trips are already up in the air, such as the Science Centre, Humber Arboretum, Kensington and History walks throughout Toronto.

One very exciting opportunity this summer that I simply must share with you is that Taha Muharuma of Taha Photo fame ( is going to do some lessons on photography and photo editing with the students! Isn’t that exciting?  So, children are going to learn about composition, framing and other key components of photography and will follow up with a local outing to try out their new found techniques.  The second lesson will have them take their shots and work through post-processing — applying colour corrections, filters, and other visual effects.  At the end of camp, each student will receive back a printed copy of their work that they can to you, their lovely parents!

So, don’t forget to register your child for something exciting this summer, and why not Brain Camp!