A Year in Review at The Study Academy

A Year in Review at The Study Academy

Educational Research High School Middle School

Hello Readers,

with classes ending, its been making me think of all that’s happened through the year. I’ve tried to share them all with you each and every week. We have also discussed many of the recent and pressing issues in Education and research. I must say, it  has definitely been quite exciting each and every week.

When I first was approached to write for The Study Academy’s blog, I was shocked. The first concern that came to my mind was how could I make these posts relevant to you, the Reader. I knew it had to be about The Study Academy, but I felt there just had to be something more. It came to me one morning- Theoretical Thursdays!  In addition to Tuesday’s The Study Academy Reports, Theoretical Thursdays has come to comprise the basis for this blog.Neurfeedback training for ADHD

The posts these past few months have been diverse, but I hope they have been informative. On every Tuesday’s The Study Academy Report I tried to detail to you all the exciting happenings going on at school, both in the Highschool and Middle School sections. In some of my posts, I’ve written about the Neurofeedback training at The Study Academy lab, or the Study Academy’s small class sizes.  I also detailed to you about the exciting volunteering abroad opportunity that some of the students took in Nicaragua and the array of activities during Inspire Week. In the last remaining weeks, as things slowed down I spoke about the music classes available, the anti bullying policies at the school, the structured educational system, the theatrical performances by students, and the exciting new work happening at The Study Academy lab.

Teaching methods based on graduate research in action!Likewise , every Theoretical Thursday you, the Reader, were provided with the exciting research happening around the world and its relevance to Education and your child. You learned about the lasting effects of smaller class sizes, the self control technique of Mindfulness, the importance of divergent thinking in children, and the exciting new method of detecting autism.  In addition, I discussed the importance of music and goal setting for children, while using the most up to date and relevant research. Those who read my previous posts also learned the dangers of stereotype threat for young girls who like Math and the ways to prevent their impact, as well as how to use the structure of memory to one’s advantage so children will not forget their lessons over the break.

To say the least, we have had some very good time this year at The Study Academy, however summer is finally here, so we are going to have to say goodbye to our regular Tuesday posts, The Study Academy Report. The final The Study Academy Report will be next week . It will be detailing the last days of Brain Camp. However, it will be replaced with a new opinion section. All my readers will now get an opportunity to interact and really give your opinions about Education and Research. So, definitely don’t stop dropping by on Tuesday; instead come as you are and bring your opinions with you!

Music Classes Available at The Study Academy

Music Classes Available at The Study Academy

The Study Academy Report

Hello Readers,

Well the students have returned from their volunteer abroad and Inspire Week came to a perfectly good end on Friday. It was a very exciting past few days for students at The Study Academy, to say the least.

However, there has been one aspect of the The Study Academy that I believe can bring excitement to a student every day- music class. What could be better than a break from the books and the opportunity to get creative? And if you recall from my previous posts, that creativity in school is a good way to further the development of divergent thinking in students. What a wonderful way to have fun and further one’s learning abilities!

At The Study Academy and in conjunction with Midtown Music School (http://www.midtownmusicschool.com/), individual lessons are provided for students during the day time. Each lesson is based on the variety of teaching methods suited to the individual needs. Students are even able to work towards gaining high school arts credits.

Music classes at The Study Academy are run by the music teacher and owner of Midtown Music School, David Stone and his highly educated staff. Students have the opportunity to learn piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, electric bass, classical and electric guitar, jazz studies, singing/songwriting, ear training and accompaniment. A student also has the option to take any co-requisite for any Royal Conservatory exam, including every level of theory, harmony, counterpoint, analysis and history. This can help them get one step closer towards earning their high school arts credit too!

When I interviewed David Stone about the origins of Midtown Music School and its collaboration with The Study Academy, he responded that it all started when he met Bryan Levy- Young, Head of Pastoral Care, in 2011. One of his students was also a student at The Study at that time and had mentioned how Bryan had a profound effect on him. It would be one year later that David would teach the 2012/2013  school year to the array of students at The Study Academy.

While I am not a student, I have had the opportunity to learn under the guidance of David Stone’s highly recommended staff member, Joanna Champman- Smith (http://joannacs.com/home.html) and I sing the music school’s praises! (See the funny joke there? ha?)  It is never easy learning something new, but under their guidance a student really has the opportunity to achieve goals and to even go beyond them. And really, Isn’t that something every student should get the opportunity to experience?

So give your child a chance to be creative, learn differently, and explore their musical side at The Study Academy. You will not regret it.