International Students

Our Home Is Your Home

Over the past 10 years, The Study Academy has become one of Canada’s finest schools offering places to international students. We have welcomed students from China, Israel, various African nations, France, and countries within South America, and all of our students have flourished under our faculty. In addition to being immersed in an English-speaking community, all of our students have earned their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and have gone on to succeed in their chosen post-secondary programs.

“International students benefit from cultural, linguistic, and academic immersion in our school, studying with local Toronto students and working towards their OSSD and university admissions.”

Jason Krell, MSc, MBA, Principal

What Our Students Get

Immersive English – All students are constantly exposed to an English learning environment

Lifestyle – We make sure our students have the best time they can, socially and academically, in the metropolitan city of Toronto

OSSD – Students will complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, making them competitive applicants for the best schools in North America

ESL Support – Our English Language Learners get the support they need to rapidly adjust to the all-English curriculum

5:1 Class Ratio – Our classes are five students per teacher, ensuring that all students get the attention they deserve

Specialized Programs – Students have the option of taking the class “English for Test-Taking,” a course designed to prepare them for taking major tests like the IELTS, SAT, ACT, and/or CAEL

University Application Support – When it comes time to apply to post-secondary programs, our students receive guidance for writing statements of intent, requests for special services/accommodations, and acquisition of reference letters

Apply to The Study Academy

Applying to The Study Academy is as easy as counting to four. Check out our four-step process, and get in touch with us should you have any questions.


Come and learn about our school’s community, philosophies, and practices. Contact our school or speak to your agent directly to have your questions answered.


Submit an International Student Application Form along with the application fee and the requested supplementary documentation to


Upon receiving a complete application, we will schedule a Google Hangouts, Zoom, or WeChat video interview call with the applicant. The applicant will also be scheduled for an English language and mathematics placement assessment to be completed.


Offers of admission are made at three times throughout the school year:

  • Early Acceptance (December 15)
  • Equal Consideration Deadline (February 15)
  • Late applicant and waitlist admission dates (ongoing)

Please note that early acceptance will be available for students who have completed their application and online interview prior to the Early Acceptance Deadline. All applicants will be considered equivalent prior to the Equal Consideration Deadline. If spaces remain available past the Equal Consideration Deadline, applicants will be considered based on their date of application.

International Fees

For all International Fees and Tuition Fees please see our Admissions page.