Honours Diploma

About the Honours Diploma Program

Starting in September 2019, and in addition to the OSSD path, The Study Academy will be offering three Honours Diploma Programs to provide students the means of aligning their educational pursuits with their abilities, interests, and short-term and long-term goals. These programs will place graduates in a highly desirable position for university application (and sustained program success). Our Honours Diploma graduates will have:

  • Successfully completed Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • Connected with and received a reference letter from the program chair
  • Defended their Senior Summit position before their peers
  • Immersed themselves in community involvement
  • Studied exclusive advanced topics
  • Visited labs and innovative institutional facilities
  • Taken leadership roles within the school

Program Options

Programs consist of a family of courses that have been organized together based on the strength of their conceptual and methodological interconnection. Students may apply to any of three program availabilities:

  • Pre-Medicine
  • Human Studies
  • Pre-Engineering

Program Chairs

The programs are each deeply enriched by an appointed Chair. The Chair is an individual who has exhibited passionate and long-term commitment to professional and social endeavours related to their respective diploma program. Honours Diploma students will have ample opportunities to benefit from the Chair’s guidance, as he or she will visit and conference with the students on campus, as well as invite them for hands-on demonstrations at their affiliated institutions. Through these experiences, students will be able to develop a distinct understanding of how academic learning translates to opportunities in the broader world.

Honours Diploma Programs

For more information about how our Honours Diploma Programs work, please see our Program Highlights.

Human Studies

An analytical examination of the social and physical development of people. The pathway is concerned with critically approaching information, examining and constructing predictive models, and building inferences about causes of observable behaviours (both individual and group). Students in this stream will study psychology, history, sociology, and will reopen historical facts for debate in Revisionist History.


A stream of classes aimed to build quantitative analytical skills through use of the scientific method and advanced understanding of research design. Particular emphasis is placed on the fields of motion (dynamics), electricity and magnetism, and energy and momentum, applied through computer programming and Machine Learning.


The study of science with a focus on application to human systems. It is concerned with building strong inquiry and communication skills as applied through investigating biochemistry, metabolic processes, molecular genetics, organic chemistry, and MRI data in Cognitive Science.