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Is The Study Academy right for you? Our admissions team is ready to help you learn and discover if we’re the right fit. We’ve broken down the application cycle into four simple steps, and if you have any questions as you go through them, we’re always available via telephone or chat.

Our 4 Simple Steps


Come and learn about our community, philosophies, and practices so you can make sure we’re the right school for you. We host individual visits and tours for prospective students and our admissions team is ready to speak with you. Reach out to us to connect. Want to know if The Study Academy would be the right school for your child? Read this blog post.


Once you’ve enquired about our school, our admissions team will send you an application form and an invitation to meet with our Dean of Admissions. On the day of your meeting, please bring your completed application form as well as all supplementary documentation. The meeting will feature conversation about the fit between your child and TSA and will also provide opportunities to have any of your questions answered and a personal tour.


Once you’ve applied, the admissions team will schedule a student visit and assessment. These visits allow interested students to explore our school environment while we identify the suitability of our school for them. Student ambassadors will connect with visiting students to ensure a smooth and easy transition throughout the day. In addition to classroom visits, students will also complete a structured and supervised assessment used to inform decisions involving placement.


The Study Academy makes offers of admission twice per school year for applicants who apply before the relevant deadlines. All other applicants will be considered on an ongoing basis. Interested students should be aware of the following dates:

  • Early Acceptance (December 15)
  • Equal Consideration Deadline (February 15)
  • Late applicant and waitlist admission dates (ongoing)

Early acceptance is available to students who complete their application and have their student visit before the Early Acceptance Deadline. After this deadline has passed, all applicants will be considered equally before the Equal Consideration deadline. Finally, if we are able to accept more students after the Equal Consideration deadline passes, all new applicants will be considered based on their date of application.

Tuition Fee Schedule

Full-Time Enrolment
Option 1 – Standard


Due on registration


Post-dated June 1, 2022


Post-dated September 1, 2022

* Post-dated cheques due on registration

Full-Time Enrolment Option 2 – Payment in Full Before January 15


Due on registration


** Available until January 15, 2022

Part-Time Enrolment
Upper School Credit


Small-group instruction


One-to-one class

Part-Time Enrolment
Lower School


Prorated pricing


Additional Fees

Upper School

  • Laptop
  • Overnight trips
  • School Supplies
  • Textbooks
  • TSA gear

Lower School

  • Laptop
  • Overnight Trips
  • TSA gear