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Lower School

About Lower School

Lower School (grades 3-8) students come to The Study Academy with a natural curiosity about the world around them—and our school is built to nurture that curiosity. Our faculty teaches discussion-oriented, collaborative, and personalized classes, so learners are equipped for success.

of students have personal Learning Plans

student to teacher ratio

students participate in Neurofeedback training

Students participate in the following classes:

Core French
Discovery Learning
Executive Functions

Integrated Art
Physical Education
Social Studies

Alongside core classes, our students also participate in an integrated arts curriculum, are empowered by self-directed study, and have frequent field trips and guest speakers. We have designed special events and classes for our students to help them thrive, including collaborative, design-based learning on “Discovery Learning” Fridays and “Essential Skills” classes that bring together scholastic habits with mindfulness and growth mindset.

How It Works

Learning is hard work, so our students are prepared for anything. All our students are given the attention and guidance they need to exceed their goals in the following ways:

Academic Advisors

Every student is paired with an Academic Advisor who will be their ally in planning activities, communicating with the school, and resolving unexpected situations.

Learning Plans

Our students are equipped with Learning Plans that outline strengths, weaknesses, strategies for success, accessibility needs, and plans for growth, which are woven directly into the curriculum they participate in.

Principal’s List

Students who excel in The Study Academy’s four cardinal values (Scholarship, Achievement, Curiosity, and Collaboration) are recognized on the Principal’s List—our annual achievement program.

Our Schedule

Students who attend our Lower School can expect:

  • A school day that runs from 8:50 a.m.-3:25 p.m.
  • Study Hall from 3:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • Regularly scheduled art, physical education, and executive functions classes
  • Time for skill consolidation and enrichment projects
  • Two breaks in addition to lunch
  • Neurofeedback sessions

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