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Well folks, the end of term is sneaking up on us again! That means a busy time for students as they gear up to complete summatives and exams. We’ve made careful efforts to ensure that work is worthwhile for students. But we also know deadlines can be stressful. That’s why we’re fantastically excited for our students to have the opportunity to shelve the books for an evening and attend our Coffee House this coming Wednesday, May 20, from 7-9PM.

Our very own student government proposed the idea for the event, presenting it as a great way for the students to showcase their many talents. While sign-ups for performers were progressing a bit slowly on the offset, the students demonstrated that they could hide their talents no longer – and just like that, sign-ups were abound! And we’re sure that readers will agree the set list is quite an impressive one. Fellow students and proud parents will be treated to performances of instrumental music, stand-up comedy, and rap, as well as a fashion exhibition and a sports tricks demonstration (there are also rumours that our favourite band will make a surprise appearance).

But alas! I’ve only covered half the evening’s offerings so far. We’re very proud to report that, in the name of education, the night will feature a Silent Auction, from which all funds raised will go toward supporting our partner school in Zambia. And since the Student Government pulled off the impressive feat of organizing the evening with absolutely zero overhead, every cent we raise will go directly to the Zambian school. The money will enable co-ordinators there to pay rent on a sustainable and safe building, and provide basic school supplies to their students.

Considering the list of fantastic items up for bid, we’re positive that parents will be jumping for ballots. They’ll be bidding on items including a Smart TV, a four-night accommodation in Manhattan, Blue Jays tickets, Factory Theatre tickets, and many more! All items provide great excuses for parents and students to spend quality time together. So join us in the gym on Wednesday evening and take a look at these great items, and don’t forget to check out the talent that students of The Study Academy have to offer!