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We know that school culture has a huge influence on a child’s experience and academic success — which is why choosing the right school for your child is an important decision that requires research, time, critical reflection, and patience. In Toronto alone, there is an abundance of brilliant schools, and each one champions a unique set of values and benefits. To help facilitate the admission process, we have outlined some of the essential elements you should know about The Study Academy. We have also included information about our admission process, so you can take the first step in deciding if The Study Academy is the right fit for your child.

About The Study Academy

The Study Academy is a progressive school for twice-exceptional (2e) students in grades 4 to 12. We are a school that supports, challenges, and empowers students through learning that is personalized and constantly evolving. The Study Academy was founded by Bryan Levy-Young in 2006, inspired by the many bright children whom he met with as an educational consultant and were struggling to find academic success and a school to feel at home in. These exceptional students provided the vision for Bryan to open a school that offered an environment where they could thrive and create their own unique academic experience.

A typical student at The Study Academy

We pride ourselves on a unique focus on 2e children — students with remarkable strengths and also weaknesses. Although not every student at our school fits this profile, most do. Among their unique qualities, students at The Study Academy typically present two characteristics:

  1. A gift or strength (e.g., strong creative abilities, an aptitude for mathematics)
  2. A learning disability or impingement on their learning (e.g., non-verbal learning disability, perfectionism)

It has been empirically shown that a student’s perception of their school environment (i.e., safety, inclusion, behavioural expectations) is significantly associated with their academic success.1 At The Study Academy, we foster an inclusive environment that nurtures talents, while supporting and developing strategies to address areas of need. We believe that kids have the opportunity to unlock their academic potential in the right environment. To maintain this inclusive atmosphere, we look for students who are kind, non-aggressive, socially generous, and academically ambitious.

In every applicant, we look for a complement between the student and school. This means we aim to identify if your child will be a good fit for our program, while also ensuring we are the right school for your child. The search for this connection is reflected in our admission process.

Our admission process

Here at The Study Academy, we follow a fluid and responsive procedure for admission. Our process is curated to help both faculty and parents assess mutual fit. For your child’s comfort, we make adjustments to suit their needs throughout.

  1. Reach out to us

The first step is to let us know you are interested in knowing more! We will set you up with all the information you need and the documentation we will need to begin the application process.

  1. Meet with Bryan, the Founder and Dean of Admissions

Typically, prospective families meet with Bryan, our Dean of Admissions. This meeting is a personal interview to discuss:

  • The Study Academy’s program
  • Your child’s learning profile and their academic and social aspirations
  1. Visit to determine mutual fit

If we both sense a likely fit, your child will be invited to participate in visiting the school.

The purpose of these visits is for your child to decide whether our program is the right fit for them. During their visit, they will get to experience:

  • Our classes
  • What it is like to attend a small, progressive school
  • Meeting our student body

During these visits, our faculty will observationally assess your child’s fit in our program. To determine your child’s academic profile, their visits will include a combination of:

  • Participation in instructional classes
  • One-on-one interviews with different faculty members
  • Informal assessments

The length and number of visits will be catered to your child. Typically, applicants visit for a half-day and then a full day to get a complete picture of a day at school. Some find it more comfortable to do a series of shorter visits before working up to a full day.

  1. Offer

Following the visits, our faculty will review all visit notes, assessments, and documentation of your child. This may include supporting documentation, such as psychoeducational assessments and previous reports. If our team believes there is a mutual fit, we will extend an offer of admission.

Our unique admission process collects the information we need to assess if there’s a mutual fit. To ensure we have enough time for the admission process, it’s recommended that you apply as early as November.

To find out more about the enrolment process, such as important dates and tuition fees, go to our Admission page.

Ready to start your application? Contact us in one of these three ways to get started:

  • Fill out our contact form
  • Call us: 416-929-1630 x 1
  • Call Bryan directly: 416-728-6051


  1. Wang, M. T., & Holcombe, R. (2010). Adolescents’ perceptions of school environment, engagement, and academic achievement in middle school. American educational research journal, 47(3), 633-662.

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