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Parents, students, and interested individuals: clear your evening schedule on May 24th; The Study Academy is hosting its second-ever talent show, and our amazing students want you to be there from 7 PM to 9 PM to show your support.

At The Study Academy, we see our students exhibit formidable abilities in the classroom on an everyday basis. We were extremely pleased with the rapid surge of interest in talent show participation, indicating a wealth of talent outside the academic domain. We are fortunate to be able to look forward to an incredible diversity of performances by astoundingly skilled students. The performers will include a concert pianist, a dancer trained at the National Ballet School, several adept singers and hip hop artists, and comedic sketch performers.

Jason and Bryan enjoy a performance at our last talent show.

Not only are the talents diverse, but many students can boast multiple talents. Take Sky, who asked, “How many numbers can we do? I can sing, dance and act!” The faculty has already been floored by the sheer number of abilities the students have under their belts.

The event has been organized by Bryan, the founder and Dean of Admissions and Student Services, who had this to say:

“Now that the school is larger, we have a student body with a wide range of interests and talents. Sports teams, debating teams, choirs, and art clubs are all a part of the emerging school culture here at The Study Academy. Talent shows, school plays, and art exhibits are a part of that important trend!

“We have done school plays in the past, but we are keen to create a culture where there is an annual talent show and a school play every year — one in December and one in May. We have so many talented kids that we want plenty of opportunities to showcase their talents.”

A student plays an impressive set on the ukulele.

Not only will there be live performances, but there will also be an art gallery for attendees to peruse throughout the evening. The gallery will showcase the remarkable artwork of students of all ages. The faculty is absolutely thrilled, as many have seen the evolution of the pieces from start to finish. What a phenomenal way to remind us all of the benefits of persistent and hard work in the domain of artistic achievement.

With the amazing acts and bonus features already scheduled, make sure to be entertained, excited, and inspired with us on May 24th from 7 PM to 9 PM.