Upper School

About Upper School

Our Upper School (grades 9-12) program offers small, collaborative classes that encourage leadership, teamwork, creativity, and intellectual curiosity. We focus on celebrating and supporting differences while motivating students to achieve their goals—an approach that offers a significant benefit when it comes time to apply to universities. From our vibrant extracurricular offerings to our personalized learning strategies and AP classes, we make sure our students are poised for success.

of students have personal Learning Plans

success rate in university application

Honours Diploma programs: Human Studies, Pre-Engineering, and Pre-Medicine

Advanced Placement

In 2017 we are offering AP exam preparation throughout (and in conjunction with) MCV4U and CHY4U for the Calculus AB and European History AP examinations. We are in the process of accreditation with AP to offer AP classes for 2018.

Honours Diploma Programs

“These programs are a truly unique and innovative offering. They provide students with the means of aligning their educational pursuits with their abilities, interests, and goals. Graduates will be in a highly desirable position for university application and sustained program success.”
Bryan Levy-Young, MA, Founder


How It Works

Learning is hard work, so our students are prepared for anything. All our students are given the attention and guidance they need to exceed their goals in the following ways:

Learning Plans

Our students are equipped with Learning Plans that outline strengths, weaknesses, strategies for success, accessibility needs, and plans for growth, which are woven directly into the curriculum they participate in.

Principal’s List

Students who excel in The Study Academy’s four cardinal values (Scholarship, Achievement, Curiosity, and Collaboration) are recognized on the Principal’s List—our annual achievement program.

Our Schedule

Students who attend our Upper School can expect:

  • A school day that runs from 9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
  • Study Hall from 3:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • Semester courses in the morning, full-year courses in the afternoon
  • Neurofeedback sessions