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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child a good fit for The Study Academy?

Our students have a diverse set of talents and learning profiles. We are well-equipped to support students with exceptionalities including high-achieving, gifted, gifted/learning-disabled, ADHD, learning-disabled, anxious, bullied, inattentive, and attendance-refusing. The common thread among our students is that they are bright, academically capable, socially competent, and want more from their educational experience. Read this post for more information.

What sets The Study Academy apart from other private and independent schools?

We are unique in our approach to teaching, school culture, and our beliefs. Varied teaching methods that feature inquiry-based learning and collaboration offer great benefits to our students in developing self-regulation and strong creative problem-solving. A warm and collegial classroom environment focussed on process over product requires students to make choices about their learning and to engage in academic risk taking while feeling supported. Recognizing that each student is different and that the richness of the classroom is born from this diversity requires us to ensure that every student is appropriately challenged to grow and develop positively. In order to best understand how our students learn, we participate in and draw from current educational research. To understand if your child is a good fit for our school, visit this post to learn more.

As a smaller school, does The Study Academy offer rich social opportunities?

Opportunities for friendship and socializing are rich and abundant at The Study Academy. Our students develop long-standing friendships that extend beyond the school day.

How big are classes at the school?

We offer a student-to-teacher ratio of 5 to 1. However, this does not mean that each class has exactly five students as the ideal class size is largely dependent upon the nature of the class.

Does The Study Academy offer any funding support?

Yes, tuition bursary opportunities do exist for both full and partial tuition coverage.  For more information, visit our financial support page.

How successful are graduates from The Study Academy?

Because of our emphasis on learning skill development and the self-efficacy that our teachers nurture, our graduates leave with a positive and honest view of themselves as learners.  This combination of skills and mindset has proven to be universally transferable across academic settings.

See where our graduates have attended.

Do you accept rolling admissions throughout the school year?

Yes, we do frequently have students join the school throughout the year, but such admissions are made on a case-by-case basis. Upper School students may be more limited in terms of course availability depending on the timing of enrolment.