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Our Methodology

From day one, we use evidence-based teaching methods to instruct our students in the habits and skills that support them beyond graduation. Take a look at the research that backs us up.

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Problem Solving
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Goal Setting
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Developing Success

Each student has a different road to success. So how do we make sure they measure up to the goals they’ve set for themselves? These are the cornerstones of our learning culture.

  • Every student benefits from a personalized learning plan, best suited to improving their strengths and growing where they feel there are weaknesses
  • Our advanced learning strategies curriculum gives students the skills they need to direct their own learning—with continued feedback and engagement from faculty
  • All students are guided to develop executive functions, including time management, goal setting, and self-regulation
  • Service learning opportunities are provided through our Inspire Week program and ongoing community involvement activities.
  • Academic advising and Study Hall sessions offer strategies for enrichment and skill consolidation

Neurofeedback Training

As a part of The Study Academy’s commitment to Mind, Brain, and Education field research, all of our students have the opportunity to participate in neurofeedback training. Although Neurofeedback training is particularly effective for children with ADHD diagnoses, our program is designed to:

  • Improve attention span
  • Increase working memory
  • Develop classroom learning skills including task initiation and independent work