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Success Stories


Our students’ successes are a great source of pride. To honour their hard work and perseverance, we invite you to share in some of their personal stories.

Meet Nia, from bored to blossoming

Nia’s Challenge: Nia came to us from her local public school. Although Nia was doing well, she (and her family) felt that she was underperforming and lacking the fire and excitement that had fueled her earlier years in school.

Our Solution: Abundant opportunities for academic enrichment and a collegial learning environment have reignited Nia’s passion for school. She has reengaged with learning and is now fulfilling her academic potential.

How Davi overcame his obstacles

Davi’s Challenge: Davi has a particular challenge with decoding text and was not afforded opportunities to remediate the skill nor provided any form of accommodation to work around this particular impingement on his learning.

Our Solution: Davi implemented strategies provided by his teachers and through his perseverance, capitalized his intelligence to become an adept essayist. Davi leveraged his success at The Study Academy into admission into his dream program, Environmental Design at OCAD.

Jordan is thriving in her environment

Jordan’s Challenge: Jordan joined TSA from another private school in Toronto. She is an intelligent and ambitious student who is also highly sensitive and anxious. Jordan was finding the social environment at her previous school difficult to navigate and would frequently need to take days away from school to help manage her anxiety.

Our Solution: Jordan was paired with an Academic Advisor who helped provide her with strategies on how to get the most out of her friendships at school and how best to manage her time to help reduce some of the stress associated with deadlines. Jordan also benefits from the supportive social environment at The Study Academy. Jordan is rarely ill, feels great about herself, and has a robust circle of friends at school.

How Cassius came out of his shell

Cassius’s Challenge: Cassius joined The Study Academy as an underperforming and under stimulated student with a gifted designation. He had felt that his questions in class had gone unanswered until he eventually stopped asking.

Our Solution: Cassius immediately connected with his philosophy teacher in analyzing a beloved public debate between Leonard Susskind and Stephen Hawking. Cassius found his love of learning and regularly participates in classroom discussion and debate as well as enrichment activities in a wide variety of classes while receiving support in his area of relative weakness; written composition.

Cassius sitting in class